Dee Edelman is a Winston Salem ceramic artist, bicyclist and occasional kayaker.



I began pottery through summer classes while working as a school counselor. I was immediately hooked by an artform that works with the earth on which we live. For me it is both meditative and a way to bring nature inside. The cathedral of the great outdoors has always inspired me. Images and parts of nature are the template for my creations. Having spent the better part of my life as an outdoor educator/ wilderness instructor, I now spend the majority of my time indoors. I find that pottery keeps me connected to my past wilderness experiences. Still it is not a career; I am retired and play with mud for fun. I love experimenting with varied images and methods and the challenge of creating functional artistic expressions. My goal is to have fun, make beautiful things that work, and bring nature indoors. 

Visual artist, showing in many regional galleries; offering hand-painted silk scarves at ArtConnections.


At 91 years old, printmaker and papermaker Betty Kjelson is still creating lovely works of art.


Patty Pape is a mixed media artist, calligrapher, seamstress, and bookbinder. Patty is an instructor at the Sawtooth School for Visual Art, and teaches mixed media and bookbinding workshops at ArtConnections. Her work is also for sale at ArtConnections in Winston-Salem’s Arts District and at shows sponsored by Twin City Artisans.



My art isn’t an examination of anything, nor does it have any deep meaning. I make art for me; it’s all about play. I use an art journal as a place to experiment and try out different mixed media techniques. I have no rules, no judgments, no expectations. I don’t plan my work or have any preconceived idea of what I want it to look like once completed.  The physical acts of mark-making by way of drawing, painting, stamping, stenciling, collaging, and writing is often random. Just starting, and going with my intuition, works for me. I like to see everyday objects in a different light and play to upcycle them into something new and unique.

Sue Davis works in glass in her studio in Salisbury, NC. 


Jane Hipkins Sobie is a writer, photographer, and fiber artist living in Winston-Salem. For years she worked as an award-winning magazine journalist. She got hooked on photography and fiber art through her love of travel. 



Storytelling is a visceral part of me - not just in words. Capturing the magic of Machu Pichhu, and Mexico’s magnificent skies through photography is ‘worth a thousand words’. I’m captivated by diverse photography genres. From landscape to minimalist. Creating my photo greeting cards is simply fun.


I began designing shawls in Asheville as a means of healing. The colors (influenced by travel), textures, and contemplative nature of knitting comfort me. When women started buying one-of-a-kind hand-knit shawls off my back, I moved forward to sell them in galleries.  

Alisa Folds is a weaver who often spins her own wool and dies wool to the colors she likes best for her creations. She has beautiful scarves on display currently in the shop and will be adding other fiber artwork as the seasons change. Alisa also has taught Beginning Tapestry at ArtConnections. 



Hal Tenny is a high school arts and music major graduate from Horseheads, NY that has lived in North Carolina for the past thirty years. He has been creating and posting 2D and 3D fractal art for ten years on and where his work caught the eye of film director James Gunn. He was hired as a visual consultant and received concept artist credit on the Marvel film, "Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2" where his fractal work featured prominently in scenes on Ego's planet. He is also a published writer and an accomplished potter. Much of his pottery combines multiple wheel thrown pieces together to create a unique look that is beyond regular high production pottery.






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